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Banjo in a Singlet. Been wanting to draw this for so long! Special thanks to Aremay for his $100 Big Perk donation here. 4 more rounds to go. He’s gonna be BIG. Stats:


Check out my fundraiser for Parry! 

Banjo’s fundraiser is closed but you can still help donate to make a big ginger Fossa even bigger! Plus, the bigger you make Parry, the more of a chance he’ll stand at ‘surviving’ the final round… 

Stage 4 is up! Big thanks toWolkeArt for the generous $100 donation - spent all his points on Banjo’s junk!

Up next: Parry begins, and further updates for Banjo continue! Thanks so much for your support, everyone!


Stage 2 is now up, and Banjo is officially fully funded! …and then some! It doesn’t show here quite yet though, I’m still making the art for it. Huge thanks to Steve Du for his massive $200 contribution (and big perk reward!) I’m still taking donations, and still making these updates, but once I’m done drawing the ones for Banjo, I’ll be starting a new series with Parry! Y’all remember him, right? [link 1][link 2]

That’s right! All donations from here on out go towards making Parry huge!

If you wanna get your points put towards something early in the game so you can really see where they land, now’s your chance! For more information, and how to donate, please follow this link:

A HUGE INCREDIBLE AMOUNT OF THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO’S BEEN INVOLVED SO FAR! Even if you’re just reblogging my posts, it helps so much. Thank you! <3 You’re amazing!


$1 = 1 POUND - See how big we can get Banjo by July 15!

I’m running a fundraiser to help me cover costs of moving to california!

PLEASE CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT! There’s some awesome perks for YOU involved!

I’m also going to be rolling out new features, options, donation tiers, and perks as this goes along, so please keep an eye out!

This is the master post - i’ll be adding new Stages as they come along and reblogging it!

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